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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

In preparation for the playground and basketball reopening, sub-contractors installed mulch around the playground equipment, pine straw around the perimeter of the playground and completed the concrete walkway near the pavilion.

Additionally, in-house staff installed fencing at the entrance of the playground and pressure washed the equipment to include the playground elements, benches and surrounding area.  In-house staff also completed several other maintenance items to ensure that the playground and basketball courts were ready to reopen this weekend. 

Barring any setbacks, the playground and basketball court will reopen on Saturday.












Palm and Tree Pruning Facilities – Landings Harbor

This week, in-house staff began pruning the trees and palms at Landings Harbor. This program is completed internally at all TLA owned facilities.  After the tree crew completes the work at Landings Harbor, they will move to Delegal Creek Marina.

2021 Main Gate Deep Well Pump Replacement

This week, Pinckney Well Drilling replaced the existing 5 hp single stage pump at the Main Gate with a stainless steel 5 hp variable speed pump. Pickney Well Drilling completed similar successful installations at the Deer Creek gatehouse, Moon River gatehouse and Landings Harbor. The existing pump was originally proposed to be replaced in 2018; however, staff was able to extend its useful life to this year.  This project was presented to the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board this month and was funded through Capital Reserves. 

2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete completed the community path section along Brandenberry Road to Yam Gandy Road and will progress to the path along Tidewater Way thereafter.

Street Sweeping Schedules Behind

The Public Works Department maintains two sweepers (plus a third older sweeper for backup purposes) to conduct the street sweeping on the 91 miles of roadway within the community. In addition to the aesthetic benefit, the primary purpose of street sweeping, performed by two employees under a 10-day work cycle time, is to ensure that all streets are routinely free of debris that otherwise would enter the storm drain system and impede the flow, creating backup and flooding. This maintenance cycle ensures that all streets within The Landings are swept every other week.  

Over the last couple of weeks, two of our sweeper units have been inoperable.  On Thursday, staff, in conjunction with our vendor were able to get both units back up and running.  Staff will continue to work extended hours to address the downfall throughout the community until our maintenance cycles are caught back up. 

TLA Administration Building

During an inspection of TLA Administration Building on Wednesday, staff observed a stain on the ceiling in the back hallway.  After further investigation, staff determined that the roof was leaking.The existing roof was installed in 2010 with a useful life of 30 years. In 2019, a section of the roof was replaced as several roofing nails dislodged which ultimately caused a leak.  

Staff is currently working with Michaels Roofing, our roofing service provider, to make the necessary repairs to the roof. The contractor is scheduled to be onsite Thursday to assess the leak and determine what repairs are needed to prevent future leaks and damage to the building.


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