First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

Recently, The Landings hosted a marathon. There were approximately 900 runners in this event. Our entire team volunteered and assisted runners throughout the race. I have to admit that I was pretty horrified and embarrassed by how many residents went speeding by packs of runners throughout the day. We live in an incredibly beautiful community. Being courteous and patient when you see runners or bikers shouldn’t take such an effort.

Recently, we went on a call where the patient wasn’t able to communicate accurately. We found a yellow card attached to the refrigerator. Although it provided some information, the card wasn’t filled out completely and hadn’t been updated since 2018. We are thrilled that so many of you have taken the step to pick them up and fill them out. Please be mindful when you have one that you must complete them and update as necessary.

As I’ve mentioned before, we often get called for falls. Sometimes the falls are minor and without injury. Other times, we find the patient bleeding with significant injuries. MANY times, an injured patient will refuse to be transported to the hospital. If I had to guess, I’d say we return to these residents nine-or-10 times because they fall again and are more severely injured.

We understand no one wants to go to the hospital. We can’t force anyone to go to the hospital if they’re not altered and can make their own decisions. That said, if the paramedic urges you to go based on your injury, please concede. Our main goal is to protect you and make sure you are treated for your injury in a timely manner. If you hit your head and take blood thinners, it’s prudent to get checked out.

We’ve had a pretty cold winter, and all of a sudden, the temperatures are rising. Savannah heat isn’t something to play with. As the weather warms up and we enjoy outdoor activities, our chances of dehydration increase. Make sure you hydrate before you go outside. If you’re enjoying golf, tennis, bocce, pickleball, biking, walking, running, or sitting by the pool, you must hydrate throughout the day. It’s hard to catch up once you’re dehydrated. Remember, drinking beer is NOT a proper way to hydrate. If you’re consuming alcohol, make sure you drink water in between.

I get frequent calls about fire-related issues. Although I’ve been a firefighter since 2009, it’s best to address your fire questions to the fire department. Call Chatham Emergency Services (912-354-1011), and they can address your concerns about ambulance bills, smoke detectors, and subscription fees.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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