Community Relations Representative

Megan Weathers is a Community Relations Representative for The Landings Association. She joined the team in January of 2020.

Her duties focus on providing exceptional customer service to members and guests, including registering new property owners, registering residential and commercial vehicles, and handling general questions and concerns.

“I am the encyclopedia for everything TLA,” Weathers said. “However, if there is something that I cannot answer, I will steer you in the right direction to get the answer.”

Weathers is no stranger to providing the most positive customer experience possible. After graduating Georgia Southern University in 2015, she joined a home remodeling company in the area of client services.

“Client-focused services has always been my passion,” she said. “I believe in going the extra mile; it’s never crowded. What I love the most about my current position are my colleagues. My fellow employees are hardworking and dedicated individuals, just like me. We are always looking for solutions to any problem we face. It’s comforting to know that if I am struggling with something, they always will lend a hand.”

Before moving back to Savannah, Weathers lived in Wichita, Kansas, where she says she enjoyed “amber waves of grain”. However, her love for the coast wouldn’t allow her to stay away for long. When she is not working, she enjoys being a Mom to her fur baby and competitive weightlifting.  

“You can usually find me hanging out at the gym on the weekends with my coach and partner, Nate,” Weathers said. “On our cheat days, we enjoy finding the biggest or newest burgers in town, so if you know where one is, let me know!”

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