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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

Sporting Complex continued working on the pavilion this week and anticipate completion by the end of the week. The contractor also installed the borders around the playground and finished up the installation of the remaining playground elements. 

In-house crews, in conjunction with Absolute Concrete, removed the old brick walkway and installed a concrete entryway into the playground. Staff intends to utilize the old commemorative bricks near the pavilion once the main components of the project have been completed.  

This portion of the facility is scheduled to reopen at the end of March/beginning of April.  Communications will be sent to the community as soon as an exact date for reopening has been determined. In the interim, all residents can view live footage of the project by clicking here

As a reminder, the area surrounding the playground and basketball court will remain closed until completion of the installation of the playground elements and resurfacing of the court.  Please refrain from entering the construction zone during this project.   









2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the community path section between Greyhen Lane & Larkspur Lane along Brandenberry Road this week.  

Storm Drains

Southeast Pipe began a camera inspection/survey of the section of storm drain system along Landings Way North from Clifton Lane, along Nathanael Lane stretching along Romerly Road up to the marsh outfall at the end of Mackay Lane this week. Once the camera survey has been completed, the videos will be reviewed and evaluated by staff.

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