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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

Absolute Concrete, Sporting Complex, and in-house staff set the footers, posts, and poured the concrete slab for the new pavilion this week.  The roof will be installed next week after the concrete has had adequate time to cure.

Sporting Concepts is also working on the completion of one of the last playground elements – the Hedra Scout this week and will install the playground borders on Friday.  The contractor is also working on the resurfacing of the basketball court with an estimated completion date of the middle of next week.

Barring any further weather delays, the playground, basketball court and pavilion will be open for resident use at the end of March.  In the interim, all residents can view live footage of the project by clicking here

As a reminder, the area surrounding the playground and basketball court will remain closed until completion of the installation of the playground elements and resurfacing of the court.  Please refrain from entering into the construction zone during this project.   

Road Maintenance

Bennett Paving completed road repairs on Hawksbeard Lane this week. Hawkbeard Lane is an inverted road, designed to direct water towards a drain in the middle of the roadway.  The water created holes development in the middle section which caused potholes and ride altering bumps.  Bennett Paving replaced the asphalt in the middle section of the roadway and will seal coat the entire roadway thereafter once the asphalt has had time to cure.  

2021 Community Path Project

This week, Absolute Concrete began the demolition of the asphalt path from Brandenberry Road to Yam Gandy Road.  This work is part of the 2021 Community Path Project that was approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board in February.  Communications have been sent to the property owners in and around this area and staff will continue to keep the community apprised during the progression of the project. 

Center Island Tree Cutbacks

R&D Tree completed the center island tree cutbacks in Tidewater this week which concluded the 2021 program. As a reminder this year’s program included tree cutbacks on all the primary center islands located on the following roads: Landings Way North, Landings Way South, Westcross Road, Shellwind Drive, Tidewater Way, and Waterway Drive.    

Deer Creek Center Island Pine Straw Application

In preparation for the Club Car Championship this month, BrightView installed pine straw on all center islands in the Deer Creek phase of the community this week. This pine straw application is part of the annual application of pine straw on all center islands; however, staff requested that it be installed earlier to accommodate the increased number of visitors and press associated with the tournament. 

CCA Electrofishing

The Skidaway Island Chapter of Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) conducted electrofishing in 30 lagoons this week. Electrofishing is a survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, age, and species composition. Electrofishing is accomplished by sending a localized electrical current into the water that stuns fish momentarily; the stunned fish float to the surface where they are netted and placed in a holding tank. The fish are identified by species and then measured by length and weight prior to being released back into the lagoon. The information collected through this process is then utilized for lagoon fish stocking purposes.  This program is graciously funded through the donations from CCA volunteers!

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