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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

This week brought additional rain with upwards of 3.5 inches alone on Tuesday. This additional rainfall caused one of the drainage ditches in the nature preserve (nearest the field/playground) and the area in and around the playground to flood.  In-house staff worked to remediate the flooding concerns on Wednesday and Thursday. While the area around the playground dries out, Sporting Concepts will start to work on the installation of the pavilion. Barring any additional weather setbacks, the final playground elements, border, and mulch will be installed the week of March 15.  Thereafter, in-house staff will re-grade the area around the playground.  In the interim, all residents can view live footage of the project by clicking on the following link:

Please note that the area surrounding the playground and basketball court will remain closed until completion of the installation of the playground elements and resurfacing of the court.  Barring any further weather delays, staff intends to reopen the playground at the end of the month. 

BrightView Flower Bed Soil Enhancements

The existing soil in most flower beds is holding moisture longer than it should following irrigation and rainfall which has resulted in fungus and root development challenges on the existing flowers. Last week, BrightView renovated the beds at the North Gate, Oakridge Gate, and Deer Creek Village Gate. This renovation consisted of the removal of all existing soil and the installation of a custom organic soil blend.  This organic soil blend contains 35%-40% sand to help improve the drainage in the beds along with a blend of different fertilizers. Thereafter, Brightview installed new flowers in these beds and will monitor their performance in the coming weeks. As an aside, the Association did not incur any additional expenses for this work as Brightview absorbed the cost. 

Concrete Work and Repair

On Wednesday, Absolute Concrete began working on repairs to the sidewalk and community path parking area at the Delegal Marina Sunset Room this week.  Weather permitting, the work is anticipated to be completed by Friday. 

Building and Grounds Department Maintenance

In preparation for the Korn Ferry golf tournament and the increased visitors that come with spring break, Easter, and Passover, staff began to pressure wash and conduct paint touch-ups on the road signage and at the gatehouses in the Deer Creek area of the community.  Once the crews have addressed the maintenance items in Deer Creek, they will progress to Marshwood thereafter. This program is anticipated to be completed by March 31.


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