Traffic Alert

Courtesy of Landings Security

In February, the radar trailer deployed on Landings Way South to capture Northbound traffic just before the roundabout and Tidewater Way intersection captured some interesting data. The 85th percentile speed was 42 MPH.As background, the 85th percentile speed is that in which 85% of all traffic tends to travel at or below a particular speed at the studied point on a road.

Speed bins are listed below. These numbers are inclusive of the total of 20,628 vehicles speeds captured:    

  1. 36-40 MPH – 8,761 vehicles
  2. 41-45 MPH – 3,699 vehicles
  3. 46-50 MPH – 586 vehicles
  4. 51-55 MPH – 76 vehicles
  5. 11 vehicles exceeded 55 MPH (a few may have been emergency response vehicles).

The posted speed limit in this area is 35 MPH. However, unlike other areas in the community, the typical four-to-five MPH tolerance in this specific location is not reasonable, safe, or warranted. 

Please, expect to see TLA Security Patrols in this area strictly enforce the posted speed limit with LIDAR/RADAR during March. Fines for vehicle violations, including speeding, are a warning for your first offense, $100 for the second offense, $250 for the third offense, and $1,000 for your fourth or subsequent offense. The Board also may suspend membership privileges separately or simultaneously with fines for non-compliance issues. Residents have the right to appeal any citation within 10 days of receipt or date of the citation. 

Please, drive safely, responsibly, within posted speed limits (30 MPH unless otherwise posted in our community), and in correlation with driving conditions.



This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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