President's Update 2-24-2021

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association
February turned out to be our rainy season, so we can thank Emperor Numa Pontilius that it is the shortest month of the year. We look forward to March and to spring and to a return of drier, warmer weather that makes spring here so magnificent. We have lived through almost a full year with COVID-19 and the dramatic changes it has brought to our lives. Many of us have been fortunate to have received our shots and are now ready to resume life as we knew it. As tempting as that prospect is, it is premature. We now hear about the mutations and collectively hope our shots are effective. This is not the time to let our guard down. As a community, we have been lucky not to have been impacted greater than we have. We have made our luck because we have been responsible and have followed the guidelines. I think Yogi Berra summed up our situation best -- It ain’t over till it’s over. It certainly isn’t over. Earlier in February, TLA’s Board held its annual retreat at Delegal. The focus this year was on the development of our new Strategic Plan as our community heads into its 50th year and beyond. The planning process looks at both what was included in the recently completed Strategic Plan and at what issues our community will face now and in the future. The planning process is in its very early stages, and we will be soliciting community input as the planning process progresses. TLA does not have a Community Services award. If it did, I can’t think of any more worthy nominees than Jason Conley of Village Walk Pharmacy, Scott Pierce of Coastal Care Partners, and the countless volunteers from our community. Those include Rick Cunningham, who is managing the state database to verify vaccinations and ensure more vaccines are shipped to Skidaway, as well as Cary Shapoff and Tom Souls, who have helped manage the volunteers. It has been gratifying to see our island come together and make it possible for residents to get their shots in a convenient location. It is an effort that typifies what makes our community so special. Thank you Jason, Scott, and all the volunteers.

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