Marinas Update

By Larry Sincoskie -
Marinas Director
          Recently, staff began refurbishing the fleet of Rhodes 19 sailboats in the Landings Sailing Program. A fresh coat of epoxy paint from the deck to the keel will be given to the Rhodes fleet in preparation of the upcoming season. Members from the sailing program are upgrading some pertinent rigging and repairing rub rail sections. The work will continue into February. The “Frost-Bite” race series continues during weekends, as local yacht clubs and sailors take part in the short races to promote and enhance program participation. The Landings Sailing Program provides an outlet for residents to learn how to sail in a supportive environment without owning their own sailboat. A choice of Rhodes 19 and J24 sailboats are part of the fleet available to members of the program. Landings Harbor basin dredging began at the end of the January and will continue into February. During the final phase of dredging in October 2020, the permitted volume (5,500 cubic yards) was removed from the basin, although some areas in the southeast basin have insufficient depth. Estate Management was contracted previously and will return to continue maintenance dredging, concentrating in the southeast area of the basin. Our goal is to achieve a uniform depth throughout the basin to create a benchmark for future projects and studies planned to reduce costs associated with dredging Landings Harbor Marina. The engineering firm Moffat and Nichol has been contracted to perform a site evaluation and concept development plan for Landings Harbor Marina in 2021. The Landing Association constantly seeks ways to improve its boaters’ customer service experience by delivering more options, convenience, and embracing the vision of Landings Harbor Marina as a thriving, vibrant waterfront resource for all Landings residents. Alpha Construction completed the contracted repairs to the seawall enclosure at Landings Harbor Marina. Several sections of the damaged aluminum panels, including the corner section at the end of the fishing pier, separated during severe storms late last year. New whaler bracing was installed, as well as corner splices and reinforcements, to strengthen the seawall. Delegal Creek Marina is seeing an increase in occupancy, leaving three available wet slips. This marina has the best and cleanest amenities available in the area for larger power and sailing vessels. Landings Harbor dry storage has limited availability, as occupancy continues to rise. If you are planning to boat from either Delegal Creek or Landings Harbor this upcoming season, please be sure to contact the Marina in advance to ensure storage space is available. We anticipate reaching 100% occupancy before the spring. As a friendly reminder, golf cart parking is not permitted in the vehicle parking spaces at the Marinas. Designated parking is marked at Delegal Creek Marina, and any of the grassy areas around the park are suitable for golf carts at Landings Harbor Marina. Remember, operating hours for Landings Harbor Marina are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily. Delegal Creek Marina is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily. We look forward to seeing you at the Marinas!

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