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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

Sporting Concepts continued to work on the installation of the new playground elements this week; however, work was limited due to the continued rainfall the island received. Although the contractor was able to install a few additional playground elements, the ground is overly saturated to allow for significant progress.    

On Wednesday, Pickney Well began to replace the two irrigation wells located at the Athletic Field. The replacement of these wells is the first part of the irrigation replacement project for the field. BrightView Landscapes will replace the irrigation system after the playground and basketball courts have reopened for resident use. 

All residents can view live footage of the project by clicking on the following link:

Please note that the area surrounding the playground and basketball court will remain closed until completion of the installation of the playground elements and resurfacing of the court. 

Lagoon Cutback Program

The lagoon crew continued with the annual lagoon cutback program this week in the Midpoint phase of the community which includes the removal of woody vegetation and unwanted plant material from around the lagoon which increases the aesthetics of the lagoon.

Inhouse Construction Work

Due to the rainy weather conditions, we experienced this week, inhouse staff has been monitoring and clearing drains around the Athletic Field/Playground area to help alleviate water ponding and drainage issues. Inhouse staff also completed several road repairs (potholes) on Mercer Road and Bartram Road that formed after heavy rainfall events. 

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