Flower Changeouts  

Amber Capps - amberc@landings.org 
Executive Assistant to the Public Works Director 

As part of the negotiated Landscape Contract with BrightView Landscape Maintenance, The Landings Association requests three-to-four flower changeouts per year at all entrances. These flowers enhance the aesthetics of our entrances for residents, prospective buyers, and guests. Planting cycles normally are conducted in March, June, August, and November of each year. 

The flowers in these beds are changed out prior to showing significant signs of deterioration to avoid a complete die out. Many times, the flowers may appear to be in good condition; however, they tend to die off one-to-two weeks after replacement. When possible, plants are repurposed in other areas around the community. 

BrightView also evaluates each flower bed on a weekly basis and will replace any flowers that begin to show signs of deterioration in between these rotations. This service is included within our annual landscape contract with BrightView and is funded operationally. 

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