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2021 Athletic Field Project Update

This week a camera was installed at the complex to record the progression of work taking place at the Athletic Field Complex (i.e., demolition and installation of the new playground equipment).  Each week, a communication will be sent to the community which will include a link to access a time-lapse of the work completed thus far.

Public Works staff continued with the demolition of the shuffleboards to make way for the installation of the various playground elements.  This project has been extremely time consuming due to the thickness of the concrete and rebar underneath the ground.  As a reminder, the basketball courts will remain closed until further notice to allow the concrete repairs adequate time to cure.

Beginning Monday, February 8, the playground will be closed until completion of the demolition and installation of the new playground equipment.  Barring any issues, the playground is anticipated to be reopened at the end of February.

Community Road Repairs           

Bennett Paving made repairs (root intrusion repair, potholes, ride altering bumps) on the following roads this week: Long Island Road, Cotton Crossing, Rebecca Lane, Greatcoat Lane, and Bartram Road. 

Absolute Concrete continued with curb repairs on Delegal Road and Landings Way South in preparation for the upcoming road paving project.

Islands of Deer Creek Bridge Maintenance

Staff completed an inspection of the Islands of Deer Creek Bridge this week.  After the inspection, staff completed several maintenance items which included fastening down loose boards, sanding trip hazards and replacing any loose railings.

RV Storage Yard Gate Reconfiguration

This week, crews worked to improve the gate access into the RV Yard by reconfiguring how the gate opens. The entry gate used to operate on a slide rail system which would bind and frequently fall out of alignment. To make the entry more accessible and reduce the overall maintenance/repairs, staff installed a swing gate system. Over the next several months, staff will monitor the gate to see if the reconfiguration helps improve the overall functionality of the system.

Center Island Tree Cutbacks

R&D Tree provided the lowest bid for the annual center island tree cutback program this year.  The contractor will be performing tree work on the 78 primary center islands located in the Marshwood, Midpoint, Palmetto (Plantation), Oakridge, Deer Creek and Moon River. The goal of this program is to preserve the health and appearance of the trees, while improving sunlight penetration and air circulation to the surrounding areas.  R&D began working in Deer Creek this week and will progress throughout the project scope until completion.

Lagoon Cutback Program

The lagoon crew continued with the annual lagoon cutback program this week working in the in Oakridge phase of the community.

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