On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

BOLO: Pine Straw Scams

On Friday, January 29, at approximately 10:30 a.m., a pine straw vendor purchased a pass at the North Gate for a job on Deer Run, which was scheduled at 2 p.m. The individuals arrived extremely early for their appointment and attempted to gain entry via other gates, which raised some red flags. A patrol officer located the individuals on Wickersham Drive trying to solicit work. The officer advised the individuals of our rules and escorted them back to the North Gate for a refund on their pass. In previous years, Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) have dealt with several cases of pine straw vendors selling pine straw at approximately $4-$5 per bale and then claiming they used significantly more pine straw than their original quote. Security staff members have been placed on high alert for similar situations. If anyone is soliciting at your property or if you are faced with this or a similar scam, please call Security (912-598-1982, option 2).

Cat Incident

Security responded to Benedictine Retreat on Friday, January 29, for a report of a cat caught in a trap. The trap was described as a “jaw” type trap. A resident was able to capture the cat and took it to a local emergency veterinary clinic. Security made contact with a resident in the area who advised that she did not place the trap and did not know who may have done it. The complainant notified Security that the cat died of natural causes at the vet’s office. Residents are asked to check the bushes around their property to ensure no other traps are found. Please look for an article in the near future about traps within our community in the weekly Enews. This “jaw” type of trap within The Landings is inappropriate, unsafe, and irresponsible.

Assistance Request

Security and CCPD responded to an assistance request on Benedictine Retreat on Tuesday, February 2. Upon arrival, however, the home was vacant, and the complainant could not be located.

The Landings Journal Security Statistics

The Security Statistics section in The Landings Journal will receive a “facelift” in March. In addition to reporting figures for Part 1 Crimes, Burglaries & Thefts, and Vandalism, the Security Department will begin including data regarding golf cart complaints and violations. If you would like to see other statistics in the future, please email Office Manager Erica Kersey (ericak@landings.org).

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