President's Update 1-27-2021

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association
Can you hear me? Can you hear me NOW? Those were critical questions in the cellphone 1.0 era. Who can forget looking through the list of local phone numbers to connect to the dialup modem of AOL? We have come a long way since those digital pioneer days. On our island, there is 99% coverage for cable and DSL. The internet has allowed us to stay connected during these long months. How many people knew of ZOOM until last March? The internet has also allowed people to rethink where they want to live if they are working remotely. We have experienced an influx of new residents who have found that where they want to live can also be where they work. The Landings Association is considering conducting a community survey on cable and internet usage and user satisfaction. The results of the survey will help us in our strategic planning and will enable us to be in the best positon to ensure our community has access to the next generation of high speed wireless technology for cell phones and wireless internet. We need to stay competitive as a community in this area to protect our property values. I hope you will take time to participate in the survey. Since this is still January, it is not too late to make New Year’s resolutions. I have a few suggestions that pertain to our community cart paths: When driving my cart, I will YIELD to pedestrians and bikers. If I have a tee time, I will allow sufficient time to drive safely to the course without forcing other carts, bikers, and walkers off the path. If I am walking with headphones, I will be aware of my surroundings. If I have an unlicensed driver in the home, I will not allow that person to drive the cart regardless how convenient it might be. Finally, we have hope in this new year that the arrival of the vaccine will speed up our return to pre-March 2020 life. In the meantime, we need to stay vigilant and to continue to follow the recommended practices. If we consider ourselves “lucky” that things have not been worse in our community, we had a lot to do with creating our “luck” by how we acted.

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