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Community Path Repair

This week, Absolute Concrete completed 9 community path panel repairs in Marshwood near Romerly Road and Priest Landing Drive. The repairs addressed cracked or uplifting sections of the concrete panels. 

2021 Road Project Curb Repair

In preparation for the 2021 Road Project, Absolute Concrete began making curb repairs along Delegal Road. These repairs will take approximately three weeks to complete and will not impact travel on the roadway.

2021 Athletic Field Project Update

Staff and the Athletic Field Committee finalized the colors for the pavilion this week.  Staff continues to work with Landscape Structures/Playground Creations to establish a timeline for the installation of the main project components and will update the community once the dates have been secured. 

Main Gate Road Repairs

During the installation of power lines underneath the exit lanes at the Main Gate, VM Ventures, a sub-contractor for Georgia Power caused a “bump” in the newly paved section of road due to a boring malfunction.  Staff obtained a quote for the repair from Bennett Paving in the amount of $6,400 and subsequently billed VM Ventures for the repair which was paid in full this week.  Staff is in the process of working with Bennett Paving to schedule this repair. 

Lagoon Dredging Completed at Lagoon 90 and Lagoon 106

Estate Management completed dredging sections of Lagoon 90 and Lagoon 106 this week. The type of dredging the contractor utilized in these lagoons is different from the more conventional dredging used at the Marshwood Clubhouse. Conventional dredging involves pumping dredge material into a large bag to dewater and manually remove the dried material.

The type of dredging conducted in Lagoon 90 and Lagoon 106 allows for the removal of dredge material to help recapture the shoreline utilizing a SOX system. The SOX system is a fabric that is adhered to the bank of the lagoon wherein the dredge material is pumped into it. Overtime, the dredge material will dewater in place and harden. Thereafter, you sod over the top of the bag to hide it from view all while reclaiming a few feet of shoreline.

This type of dredging is advantageous for solving a problem of having an abundance of dredge material (island in a lagoon) and an erosion problem on a lagoon bank.  Staff will continue to evaluate this method in the future for lagoons with similar erosion concerns. 

Landings Harbor Maintenance

Over the last two weeks, staff completed monthly maintenance items along the fixed pier which included several repairs to two of the benches. Staff is working to complete preventative maintenance items around the facility to include the repair and replacement of screens, the repair of dripping faucets, and several small electrical repairs. 

Reflective Signage Maintenance

In-house staff began the department’s annual inspection, repair, and replacement of damaged reflective signage (STOP signs, speed limit signs, yield signs, et al) throughout the community. The main objective of this program is to keep all signage within the community visible at night, well-maintained and to provide uniformity. This program is ongoing and will be completed by the end of March.

Bollard Inspection and Replacement

Staff began the annual inspection, repair and replacement of community path bollards located throughout the community.  Bollards exist on community paths to prohibit vehicles from driving onto and damaging the paths.  They also provide additional safety for pedestrians who walk/run/bike along the path system from adverse interactions with vehicles/trucks. This program is ongoing and will be completed by the end of March.

Lagoon Cutback Program

The lagoon crew continued with the annual lagoon cutback program in Midpoint this week.  Below are before and after pictures of the type of cutbacks being conducted around our lagoon system. 

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