On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Callbox Issues

On Tuesday, December 29, all the callboxes became inoperable. Public Works staff was notified and attempted to resolve the issue unsuccessfully. The problem appeared to be server-related, and Remote Technology was contacted to evaluate the matter. The server is a fundamental part of the callboxes as it routes the calls from the callbox to the Master Station. After several attempts to reboot the server, Remote Technology determined that the server could not be repaired and needed to be replaced. A new server was ordered; however, due to the New Year’s holiday and delayed shipping times throughout the country, the delivery date was impacted. Remote Technology attempted to bypass the callbox server to allow functionality within the callboxes. However, the server licenses did not support the bypass, and the callboxes remained inoperable. The new server was finally received, installed, and programmed on Tuesday, January 12. All callboxes are operational at this time.

Bicycle vs. Golf Cart Incident

On Thursday, January 14, a resident contacted Security to report that he had been in an accident with another resident on a golf cart while riding his bicycle on the cart path behind Pine Side Lane. He stated that he was traveling towards the Oakridge Club when the golf cart approached him from the opposite direction. To avoid a collision, he veered off the path, which caused him to lose control of the bicycle and fall and land on his knee. Chatham Emergency Services (CES) was contacted to examine the resident’s knee. Both residents stated that speed was a contributing factor to the accident.

Juvenile-Related Incident

While performing routine patrols on Sunday, January 17, a Security officer noticed two young females sitting in the middle of The Landings Association’s parking lot with beer cans on the ground near them. Upon approaching the girls, the officer noted the smell of an alcoholic beverage. The girls were identified as a resident and her guest, and both admitted to drinking. The girls were sent home with a verbal warning from CCPD, and officers followed up with the parents regarding the incident.

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