Controlled Burn Scheduled for Skidaway Island in February 

By Michael Sullivan - 

The Georgia Forestry Commission will conduct a controlled burn on the University of Georgia Skidaway Marine Science Campus in February. The actual date has not yet been determined and will not be set until a few days prior to the selected date, due to changing weather conditions. 

The burn area will be near McWhorter Drive, south of the developed section of the Skidaway campus. The actual burn should take only one day and will cover approximately 75 acres of primarily grass fuels. 

These burns are very effective at restoring native ecosystems and improving wildlife habitat. A prescribed burn plan has been developed that contains sufficient control measures to ensure public safety. Forestry staff will monitor the fire and conditions that affect it until it is completely out. 

Local residents are asked not to go near the fire or attempt to assist in any way. Warning signs will be placed along the side of the road in the vicinity of the prescribed burn area, and drifting smoke is possible. Motorists are advised to use headlights and proceed with caution when driving through drifting smoke. Officials do not anticipate any disruptions to traffic. 

For additional information or for questions, call UGA Skidaway Institute (912 598-2400). 

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