On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Callbox & VOIP Telephone Issues

On December 29, all of our callboxes became inoperable. In-house Public Works staff attempted to troubleshoot the issue and dispatched our local vendor. The vendor responded and ordered a new head server. On December 30, the vendor continued to work on a temporary solution until the head server could be delivered and installed.

At approximately 4 p.m. on December 29, TLA also suffered an interruption to our internet service, which resulted in our VOIP telephone system becoming inoperable. Our local IT vendor, along with Comcast, were notified and continued to work on the issue, which was resolved at approximately 10 p.m. On December 31, a Comcast technician conducted a Premise Health Test of our equipment, which failed. The technician then replaced a section of cable and a splitter on the exterior of TLA’s admin office. The subsequent Premise Health Check passed. Further follow-up actions and collaboration with our IT vendor and Comcast are scheduled to understand and resolve the root cause of issues which have arisen during the last few months.

Suspicious Incident

An older gentleman with a beard and gray hair driving a gold, four door SUV was seen taking pictures by an occupant of a home currently for sale. When approached by the resident, the man stated he was working for a real estate/mortgage company but could not provide a business card. Upon being asked to leave by the resident, the man departed. TLA security responded, and a search for the vehicle was unsuccessful. The vehicle was linked to a frequent home inspection company and appears to be legitimate.

On December 25, Security responded to the Delegal Marina in regard to blood on the dock leading to a boat. CCPD responded and assisted with verifying the occupants of the boat were safe and did not require medical attention.

Golf Cart vs. Golf Cart

On December 28, Security responded to a report of a golf cart crash without injuries. Both parties exchanged information, and CCPD was requested to respond and file an official report.


On December 27, Security responded to a resident’s home for a report of unwanted solicitors from the National Democratic Party. The solicitors departed upon request by the resident, and CCPD was dispatched to take a report and pursue possible charges for trespass. Video footage and reports are being reviewed to ascertain how they gained entry, and when they exited the community.

Theft of Package Reclassified as Informative Report

On December 28, Security responded to a residence regarding a package which appeared to have been stolen. The package was later found in the residence.


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