On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Vehicle Accident

On Friday, December 18, Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to a residence on Pettigrew Drive for a report of a vehicle accident. A delivery driver with DHL pulled into the resident’s driveway to make a delivery and forgot to put the vehicle in park before stepping out. The vehicle rolled into the resident’s parked vehicle, which caused minor damages to both vehicles.


Juvenile-Related Incidents

Security and CCPD responded to a residence on Pettigrew Drive for a report of a juvenile-related incident on Saturday, December 19. Upon arrival, the resident stated that three male juveniles rang his doorbell and ran away. The resident was able to make contact with one of the juveniles. The juvenile stated that he did not know his name or address and appeared confused. The CCPD officer also attempted to retrieve information from the juvenile without success. Eventually, a golf cart arrived at the residence, and the individuals on the cart were identified as the young man’s parents. CCPD explained the incident, and the young man left with his parents.

On Monday, December 21, Security responded to the area of Hickory Head Place and Modena Road for a report of teenagers making loud noises with their vehicles and racing. Officers patrolled the area with negative results.

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