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Camper Donation Through the Flea Market Pre-Intake Process Landlovers thanks everyone who made a donation to the Flea Market or through the Pre-Intake process. In 2020, more than any other, your support was needed and appreciated. It is through the generosity of our Skidaway Island residents that the Landlovers Foundation has been able to distribute more than $1.4 million in academic scholarships and grants since our founding in 1974. Earlier in 2020, Landlovers was fortunate enough to receive a donation of a wonderful camper through our Pre-Intake process. The picture below was taken at a campsite along the Savannah River near Augusta. The camper was purchased because it was “off the grid” capable, which means that it had its own energy supply, 100 W solar system, and enough room in the gear box for water. It was capable of running for days without external support. When the owner took to camping in state parks, all of which have electrical and water supplies for their campsites, he found he no longer needed his camper. “What to do with it?” He generously donated it to Landlovers through our Pre-Intake process. Proceeds from this donation provided Landlovers with $2,795…enough to support an academic scholarship this year. We are so grateful to our generous donor! Thank you! If you have large items such as cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, or furniture that you no longer need or use, please consider donating them through the Flea Market Pre-Intake process. We have partnered with a local auction house prior to Flea Market Intake in late April to facilitate the process. It’s easy and convenient; just email us ( Even when things feel so different, some things remain very much the same…the needs of our community. Thank you once again for your ongoing support and generosity! Landlovers Community Service Award Application Process The Landings Landlovers’ Community Service Merit Award recognizes outstanding volunteer work and contributions made by high school seniors. The Award is offered to seniors in private and public school, as well as to those who are home schooled. Applicants must be planning to further their education in the fall of 2021, and all applicants must be residents of The Landings. Landings Landlovers’ goal is to improve community life through philanthropic, social, and cultural activities. We have six major fundraisers each year. The proceeds from these fundraisers are given in grants to worthwhile projects and programs, scholarships for The Landings Association’s and The Landings Company’s employees and their dependents, and the merit awards for high school seniors. Over the last 15 years, Landlovers is proud to have given $117,500 in community service awards. The 2021 Community Service Merit Award Application can be found on the Landlovers website ( The completed application must be postmarked no later than January 15, 2021, and mailed to the address below: Landlovers Community Service Merit Award 35 Cotton Crossing West Savannah, GA 31411 The Landings Landlovers encourages all resident high school seniors to apply for the Community Service Merit Award so that we may celebrate your hard work and commitment to our community. If you have questions, please contact Maryce Cunningham (912-335-1717 or   Pictured at left is the camper that was  recently donated to Landings Landlovers. Landlovers thanks the Landings community for your ongoing support and generosity, especially during the unprecedented times of 2020. 

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