President's Update 12-16-2020

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association
Normally, this update provides the opportunity for the new president to introduce her or himself to the community; this update does that, sort of. The new president is the old president. I was reelected to serve as the President of TLA’s 2021 Board. I have been asked why I would want to serve a second year; a good question and one that I have asked myself. I believe that with a year’s experience, I can do a better job. If I did not believe this, I would not have agreed to serve another year. I learned a lot in 2020. I have experienced first-hand how qualified our staff are and how they know what they are doing. I can’t imagine being in this position without them. I also have witnessed the dedication and expertise of our volunteers; they make this community what it is. Our volunteer ethic sets this community apart from others. Our Board barely got the year started before we were overwhelmed by COVID-19. The pandemic impacted every aspect of our lives and introduced some of us to the concept of rationing. We all have a greater appreciation of the perceived value of paper products. I want to be a part of our entry into a new world of vaccines and a hopeful return to a lifestyle we recognize. So now we head into 2021 with patience and optimism. TLA’s Board passed the 2021 Budget, which included funding for the community Athletic Park. Materials should arrive in approximately 10 weeks after being ordered. Work should begin on the playground in late February or early March. Portions of the park not under construction will be open for use. As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we must continue to preserve and to improve our community. We have to consider how we can make our community even better. My dog and I are frequent visitors to Landings Harbor. Benches, picnic tables, and a Tiki bar do not do justice to this setting. Landings Harbor is an overlooked treasure that is waiting to be unlocked by our community. I look forward to starting the discussion of what can be done to realize the potential of this area. Communications is an area of great importance to TLA. I have stated on several occasions that if a resident has a question, concern, complaint, or suggestion, please contact us. We can’t address what we don’t know, and we do want to address issues that concern our residents. Finally, I welcome our new TLA Board Directors -- Andrea Felkins, Mark Winters, and Bob Wood. I look forward to their contributions. Happy Holidays!

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