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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Community Path Panel Repairs

Absolute Concrete completed nine (9) damaged concrete panel repairs near the Marsh Tower this week which concluded the 2020 operational program. 

Operational Road Repairs

Due to contractor scheduling, inclement weather, and an outbreak of COVID-19 within 75% of Bennett Paving’s staff, all remaining operational road repairs will be deferred until early 2021.

Storm Drain Inlet Repairs

This week, staff replaced storm drain inlet lids that were previously damaged by large trucks on Button Lane, Old South Lane, Clamshell Lane, and Heartwood Court.

Riprap Installation at Lagoon 85

Staff installed approximately 60 feet of riprap on the north side of Lagoon 85 (Yam Gandy between Laurel Hill Lane and Sandsfield Way) this week. The stabilization of this bank was completed to help prevent future erosion caused by high tides.

Lagoon Dredging Program

As part of this year’s dredging program, Estate Management will dredge the following lagoons in 2020: Lagoon 13 (near Marshwood Clubhouse), Lagoon 90 (Landings Way South between Water Witch Crossing and Cotton Crossing) and Lagoon 106 (Delegal’s Retreat).  Estate Management began with dredging portions of Lagoon 13 near the Marshwood Clubhouse bridge which will take approximately two to three business days to complete.  Thereafter, the contractor will progress to Lagoon 90 and 106. 

Turf Painting at Gatehouses

BrightView’s subcontractor, Geoponics, completed an organic turf pigment application at the gatehouses this week.This maintenance is completed during dormant months to keep the turf a consistent color (green and not brown!) in the high traffic areas of the community.  This application also reduces the need for irrigation during the winter months. 

Small Dog Park Improvements

BrightView completed the wood fiber product installation at the small dog park this week. After the wood fiber product settles (over the next few weeks), Brightview will install decomposed granite around the benches. 

RV Yard Maintenance

This week, inhouse crews have been working in and around the RV Yards to complete the following maintenance items: repairing and replacing old worn number plaques, completing fence/gate inspections and repairs along with re-grading the driving surface.

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