On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Vehicle vs. Deer Incident

A resident approached the Main Gate on Saturday, December 5, to report a vehicle vs. deer incident. The driver stated she was traveling on McWhorter Drive at approximately 10-15 MPH when a small deer ran in front of her vehicle. Although she was able to miss the body of the deer, she did strike the hind legs. None of the vehicle’s occupants sustained any injuries; however, there were minor damages to the front of the vehicle. The severity of the injuries required that the deer be dispatched.

Hit and Run Incident

On Tuesday, December 8, a Security Officer on his way to work witnessed a commercial vendor strike a light pole and traffic sign at the corner of Meeting Street and Lake Street. The officer stopped to check on the driver, but the man drove away. Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) was contacted, and the company the driver worked for also was notified. CCPD requested that his supervisor have him return to the scene where he was cited for the incident.


On Saturday, December 5, Security responded to a residence on Hoptree Cross for a report of vandalism. The resident advised that unknown juveniles threw eggs and fruit at the back of their home. Officers patrolled the area with negative results.

While performing routine patrols in the Midpoint area on Saturday, December 5, Security found several street signs which had been vandalized. The information was provided to Public Works in order for repairs to be made. Special patrols will be conducted on Friday and Saturday nights targeting this continued vandalism of street signs, and CCPD has been requested to increase their patrols in the community.

Suspicious Incidents

A resident on Tidewater Way reported a suspicious incident which occurred on Sunday, December 6. The resident stated that a group of males and a female photographer were taking pictures near the lagoon close to his home. He observed one individual who appeared to urinate near the lagoon after walking away from the group. The resident provided the license plate numbers for the vehicles. A check of the ABDi database came back with negative results, and the persons were gone upon a Patrol Officer’s arrival.

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