Landings Garden Club’s Holiday Bows Sold Out!

Courtesy of The Landings Club

The Landings Garden Club thanks all residents who bought holiday bows this year. Due to the unprecedented response, we stopped the sales early, as our inventory of 750 bows sold out! The newest patterns, including those in silver, tartan, and red with lime green trim sold out the fastest -- they were gone before Thanksgiving.

As a reminder, the Holiday Bows Sale is an annual fundraiser for the Garden Club to help sustain its endeavors such as conservation and beautification all over the island as well as projects at Hesse School, The Village Library, Skidaway Marine Science Center, The Landings Pollinator Berm, Landings tree planting, and many of the pots and planters throughout the community. The Garden Club also decorates all the gate entrances of The Landings for the holidays.

Thank you again for beautifying the island not only through the funds raised, but with a festive display of bows! We also thanks the masked ladies in the picture below for their help with the sale.






Pictured (l-r) with holiday bows is Mary McBride, Karen Duncan, and Allison Smith.

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