2021 Landings Residential Directory Coming Soon 

By Lynn Lewis - lynnl@landings.org 
Communications Manager 

The New Year always brings the much-anticipated Residential Directory to the mailbox of every Landings property owner. 

Printing of the 2021 Landings Residential Directory is well underway, with delivery to begin in late January. Due to the bulk mail status of the publication, the United States Postal Service will deliver through February until all households receive their initial copy. However, the post office will not forward the Directory. Remember, all homeowners are entitled to two issues. The first book will arrive via mail, and the second issue will be available for pickup at The Landings Association’s Office (600 Landings Way South). Watch for a Landings Association Email Bulletin detailing when the books will be available for pickup. 

As with past issues, the Directory consists of updated and current residential listings, pullout maps of The Landings, and a reverse directory, all of which are great references. 

Visually, the Directory again highlights art from some talented Landings artists who volunteered to share their work in our book. The Landings Association thanks Pat Brooks, Pete Crosby, Karen Dove Barr, Patty Frothingham, Ray Gawronski, Ed Harvey, Jr., Steven McBride, Beth Powers, and John Taylor. Dove Barr’s photo of a Great Blue Heron with babies was chosen as the cover. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for consideration. There simply was no way to use everything received in the Directory but, watch for your art throughout the year on our website (www.landings.org), in The Landings Journal, Facebook, Instagram, and in other Association publications. 

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