On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security


Security and CES responded to a residence on Willeford Drive for a report of a stove fire on Tuesday, November 24. CES extinguished the fire while Security assisted with traffic control. The cause of the fire is unknown, and no injuries were reported.

Gas Leak

Security and CES responded to the area of Delegal Road and Rookery Road for a report of a gas smell and a loud noise. Upon arrival, an individual with Utilities Inc. informed the officer that they were digging to fix a water main issue and struck a gas line. The loud noise was caused by the gas blowing up into the air. Atlanta Gas responded to the area to repair the break.


On Saturday, November 21, Security responded to the Midpoint area for a report of vandalized street signs. Upon arrival, officers found several street signs which had been knocked off their posts. Patrol officers also located some signs in the Palmetto Club area which had been vandalized as well. Officers patrolled the surrounding areas but did not locate anyone responsible for the damages.

Juvenile-Related Incidents

On Tuesday, November 24, Security responded to the nature trail off Landings Way South regarding juveniles setting fire to pine straw. Upon arrival, officers contacted the resident who reported the incident. He stated that he witnessed three juveniles (two females and a male) approximately ages 13-16 setting a fire in some pine straw on the trail while he was riding his bicycle. The fire already had been put out when officers arrived; however, some areas still were smoldering, so officers used a fire extinguisher to ensure the fire was completely out.

Security responded to the Midpoint area on Saturday, November 28, for reports of vandalized street signs and someone banging on doors before running off. The residents who reported the incidents stated the suspect appeared to be a teenage boy and provided Security with a description of the clothing he was wearing as well as the golf cart he was on at the time. Patrol officers searched the surrounding area and located a golf cart with two female teens as well as a second cart with a male teen who matched the description of the suspect. Unfortunately, the golf cart with the male teen immediately extinguished his golf cart’s lights and evaded patrol officers. Officers were able to contact the female driver and her mother. Both of whom stated they did not know the individuals in the second cart, nor were they an accomplice to the vandalism. The female driver claimed to turn off her golf cart’s lights as well to evade security, because she was only 15 years old and did not have a valid operator’s permit (driver’s license). The parent was provided a verbal warning, consistent with our current violation schedule of fines since no previous driving without a license violation had been cited. Security patrols continued to search the surrounding areas looking for the golf cart and male suspect(s) with negative results.  CCPD was notified and is investigating these incidents of vandalism to street signs as well as providing additional patrols in our community.


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