Meet the Team: TLA's Community Development Department

By Karin Condame -
Human Resources Manager 

This months’ department spotlight is on the Community Development Department (CDD). This is one of the Association’s smaller departments, made up of just four employees. However, they are tasked with a very large role – ensuring The Landings’ aesthetics remain at the highest standards to support and maintain your property values. To facilitate this goal, the department is divided into two primary functions -- Architectural Review and Community Standards. 

Architectural Review manages the process approving new construction and renovation of homes. All plans for exterior renovation and new builds must be submitted to the staff, who process and present them to the Architectural Review Committee for approval. This committee, which is independent of the Board of Directors, is composed of residents who volunteer to review the plans and designs of each project, then either approve them or make suggestions toward creating a better fit within the current aesthetics and appearance of the neighborhood. 

The second function of the Community Development Department is the implementation of the Private Property Maintenance Standards. The job of these team members is to ensure homes remain in compliance with the community standards, so the housing stock remains competitive. 

Overseeing the department is Erin Schumacher, a planner and preservationist. She is certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners and is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Her years of experience and knowledge of the planning process makes this department run efficiently and smoothly. 

Sabrina McDowell, the Administrative Assistant for the department, has been an employee of the Association for more than 20 years. She most likely will be your first point of contact when calling the department. She helps to answer questions regarding the general process of submitting applications and plans. 

Karen Szychowski is the primary property and housing inspector. She performs regular inspections to ensure existing homes are staying within the community standards. Her goal is to make the process of compliance as simple and accommodating as possible. 

Morgan Parker originally joined the department to help for a temporary need. However, she became an indispensable part of the department, assisting with both inspections and architectural plan review, and is now a permanent member of the Community Development team.

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