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Date Correction - 2021 Landlovers Flea Market 

Please note that in the November Landings Journal, two dates were provided for the 2021 Flea Market. The correct date is May 8. 

Join Landlovers or Renew Your Membership! 

Landings Landlovers is a philanthropic and social organization open to all Landings residents. Landlovers was established in 1974. Its purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working toward the continued improvement of community life through its philanthropic efforts. 

Besides philanthropy, Landlovers also is a social organization, safely and carefully planning for and holding as many activities and events as we can in this unique environment. Information and details can be found at

While you are there, please sign up to join or renew! Simply click the “Join/Renew” button on the right side of the home page. Each $30 membership fee covers one household of one to two adults. Our membership year runs from September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021, so please don’t delay! A significant portion of your $30 membership will be used to support the nonprofit organizations and charities of interest to Landings residents. 

These are difficult times, as the COVID-19 pandemic has created even greater needs for charity. Please consider donating additional funds. It's easy to do! Just use the donate button on our homepage ( Please see our message further down this page regarding donating. 

If you are a current Landlovers member, you have until January 3, 2021 to renew your membership. After that, you will be removed from the Landlovers Communication list, so please renew today! We’d love for you to stay with our group! We encourage online renewal, but if you prefer, your check can be mailed to Cindy Altman (14 Mercer Road). For more information, email Landlovers Membership Director Cindy Altman ( 

Landlovers Philanthropy Opportunity 

Over the past 45 years, Landlovers of Skidaway Island has provided more than $1.5 million dollars in financial support to local organizations and individuals, making a positive difference in our community. As we all know, this has been a catastrophic year for so many, and the need for philanthropy is greater than ever. Landlovers is a 1,600+ 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization. Consequently, all donations are tax deductible. 

We ask that you join us in attempting to ease burdens and lend financial support to those we can assist in our community. 

During Landlovers’ 2019-2020 season, grateful recipients of our support included: 

  • 20 local charities 

  • 1 Merit award 

  • 8 Scholarship recipients 

  • 13 other Grant recipients 

Lynn Gensamer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, one of the organizations that received funds from Landlovers, expressed thanks to the group for their assistance. 

“Financial assistance from Landlovers has been pivotal to Neighbors Helping Neighbors in meeting our goal of purchasing a metal ramp to lend to those needing home wheelchair access,” she said. 

The beneficiaries of Grants include Skidaway Island and neighboring organizations. Scholarship recipients are employees of The Landings Association and their dependents. Merit awards encourage and recognize high school seniors who have become involved in and give back to their communities. 

Whether you are a Landlovers member or not, you are eligible to participate. Please go to the Landlovers website ( We sincerely appreciate your generosity and know that the many organizations and individuals who have benefited from Landlovers appreciate it as well! As we head into the holiday season, we hope you will consider donating to help our community continue thriving. 

Landlovers Salvation Army Christmas Kettle at The Village Walk Pharmacy 

The Salvation Army is a charity that has been raising money for those less fortunate since 1891. A Salvation Army Captain noticed that many individuals were going hungry. When considering how to raise money for Christmas dinner, he remembered that in Liverpool, where boats came in, there was a large iron kettle called Simpson’s Pot into which folks tossed a coin or two to help those in need. The next day, the captain started a pot with a sign stating, “Keep the Pot Boiling”. He soon had the funds to feed those in need at Christmas. 

Landlovers has supported the Salvation Army with our grant program, but this year they have asked us to help raise funds on Skidaway Island. The Village Walk Pharmacy has graciously allowed the Salvation Army to put a pot by their door, and we are asking Landlovers’ members to help staff the effort on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through December 24th. We are asking for an hour of your time to greet your neighbors, with appropriate masks and social distancing, to support this important effort. If you are willing to sign up, please email Marian Mackle ( In this year of the pandemic, there are many people in need, so please sign up for fun and to help your fellow Savannah neighbors! 

As a reminder, the best way you can help will be by renewing your membership to Landlovers. You can renew your membership online ( or by tubing a printed membership form ( to Cindy Altman (14 Mercer Road, Savannah, GA 31411). 

In addition, you can make a cash donation to Landlovers ( 


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