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Small Dog Park Improvements

Over the last several months, staff, in conjunction with the Dog Park Committee (and several patrons) and BrightView Landscapes, have been collectively working to develop a plan for improvements to the small Dog Park.  Funding has been secured through BrightView’s enhancement credit, along with monies raised by the Dog Park patrons. The improvements to the small park include the installation of crushed granite around the benches, along with the installation of a wood fiber product throughout the remainder of the park (i.e. play surface). Staff and BrightView crews are currently working on ironing out the timing for these improvements and will keep the patrons updated.

Lagoon Cutbacks

The lagoon cutback maintenance program began this week in Moon River. Once the cutbacks in Moon River have been completed, the crews will progress to Deer Creek. The purpose of the annual lagoon cutback program is to remove unwanted vegetation from the lagoon banks while promoting beneficial vegetation growth and stabilization along the banks. 

Storm Drain Project

The steady rainfall this week has played a factor in Southeast Pipe’s progress; however, the contractor was able to complete the CIPP (Cured in Place Piping) slip lining technique on sections of pipes located on Lachlan Lane, Fat Friars Retreat and Shellworth Crossing this week. The contractor will progress to Breckenridge Lane and Tondee Lane next week. This project was approved by the Board in October and is funded through Capital Reserves. 

Road Repairs

This week, Bennett Paving completed road repairs (root intrusions, ride altering bumps) on Chatuachee Crossing, Skimmar Circle and Seafarer’s Circle. A final top coat will be applied to the patches on Chatauchee next week. Bennett Paving will progress to Bowline Court, Mercer Road and Lanyard Court next week. These repairs are funded through the operational budget.  

Storm Drain Maintenance

Due to the steady rainfall the island received this week, construction staff focused on daily storm drain inspections and the cleaning and removal of debris in and around the drains to help prevent flooding on the roadways. 


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