Proposed Fine Schedule Changes

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

Following the Covenants Modernization vote in May 2015, the Covenants were amended to allow The Landings Association (TLA) the ability to fine residents in violation of Covenants, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Guidelines, and Private Property Maintenance Standards (PPMS). In addition to creating, publishing, and maintaining a schedule of fines, the Board of Directors reviews and revises the fines from time-to-time to reflect ongoing benchmarking with other communities similar to ours.

TLA recently heard from many residents who think the current fine structure is insufficient to gain compliance and should be increased, especially for golf cart violations. Based on the reoccurrence of repeat Rules violations, benchmarking of other communities, and member input, a recommendation to revise the fine structure was presented to the Governance Committee. The recommendation will be submitted to the Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled meeting in December. Please review the following changes, and if you have any suggested edits, please email so that the Governance Committee and the Board can review your suggestions.






















*Depending upon the totality of the circumstances and severity of the violation, suspension of membership privileges may be recommended to the Board of Directors. Additionally, suspension of membership privileges will be recommended to the Board of Directors for any member who receives three or more of the same violation.

*Second and subsequent violations are defined as any further violation of the same Rule and Regulation, Architectural Guideline, or Covenant or continued non-compliance after the initial warning was issued.

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