Athletic Field Complex Naming Contest  

Amber Capps - 
Executive Assistant to the Public Works Director 

After the successful 2021-2023 Annual Dues Vote, the Athletic Field Complex Committee met to finalize plans for the project, including locking in pricing, determining contractor availability, and scheduling timelines for all project components. 

During the meeting, the committee discussed renaming the complex and soliciting input from the community for name suggestions. The Landings Association will accept suggestions for naming the new complex until the end of the year (December 31, 2020). Please email your suggestions to

Enlist the help of friends and family and have some fun! You can talk about name suggestions at the dinner table, with your neighbors, or during playground and/or cocktail hour! At the first of the year, we will narrow down the suggestions to no more than10 choices for the community to collectively vote on. 

As a recap, the project scope includes the replacement of the existing 20-year-old playground equipment with new, innovative playground additions (e.g., zipline, inclusive play structures). It also includes a 24’x 24’ shade pavilion for small events and protection from the sun; replacement of the parkour trail with a permeable, shock-absorbing safety surfaced walking/jogging track; upgraded lighting; resurfacing of the basketball courts and new hoops; and an addition of a third base line safety netting. You can read complete details on what’s planned for the Athletic Complex, as well as projected costs, by visiting 

As always, thanks for your input for this new, exciting 2021 project! 

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