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TLA Administration Deep Cleaning

Jan Pro completed a deep cleaning (EnviroShield Disinfectant) of the TLA Administration Building on Wednesday after a TLA back office employee tested positive for COVID-19.  High traffic areas are still disinfected on a weekly basis every Saturday to include the Landings Harbor Marina Store, Main Gate, North Gate, TLA Administration Building and the Public Works Building.    

Landings Harbor Well Installation

On Tuesday, Pickney Well began the installation of a new well at Landings Harbor Park. The previous shallow well had issues with saltwater intrusion, thus requiring the irrigation system to be connected to the potable water source (Utilities Inc.). The new well will tie into the irrigation system at the park which will offset an average water bill of $1,000/month (for a total annual savings of over $12,000). The costs associated with the installation of the well will be funded through this year’s landscape enhancement credit from BrightView Landscapes. Barring any setbacks, the installation will be completed by the end of next week.

Community Paths

This year’s operational community path repairs have been completed. Staff will continue with path inspections and focus on “backfilling” along the community paths.


Bennett Paving is scheduled to be onsite the week of November 9 to continue with the remaining operational roads repairs (potholes, root intrusions etc.). This work will be conducted throughout the community in 15 different locations and is scheduled to take approximately one week to complete.  

Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe Survey will begin the storm pipe repairs the week of November 9. This year’s capital project includes repairs to the storm drains under the following roads/intersections:  Shellworth Crossing, Priest Landing at Landings Way North, Breckenridge Lane, Tondee Lane, Lachlan Lane and Fat Friar’s Retreat. The contractor will be utilizing a CIPP (Cured in Place Piping) slip lining technique that will reduce any disturbance to the surrounding areas. As a reminder, this project was approved by the Board in October and funded through Capital Reserves. 

Annual Fire Extinguisher Testing and Inspection

Staff, in conjunction with our service provider, Pye Barker, completed the annual testing and inspection of all fire extinguishers located in TLA-owned facilities, vehicles, large machinery/equipment, and both marinas this week.

Pye Barker will be back on-site next week to complete the annual fire alarm testing and inspection at TLA and the Marinas.

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