Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Although the statistics for Chatham County reflect a significant decrease in COVID-19 cases, the virus remains here. On a personal note, I know of several close families and friends who have suffered a loss directly related to COVID-19. Please, continue your diligent efforts to protect yourself and loved ones by wearing masks, limiting your exposure if in a high-risk category, and following recommended guidelines. 

On behalf of my troops, I thank residents for passing the Annual Dues vote. Approximately 89% of the Security Department’s expenses are directly related to staffing costs. Ensuring we have an adequate operating budget allows us remain competitive in a very competitive market. Adequate funding of the Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) also enables us to maintain equipment such as our camera system, radios, traffic compliance tools (LIDAR and the Radar placards), Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), and patrol vehicles. Again, thank you! 

The Landings Association’s employee vision is to lead our community to excellence through continuous improvement. As part of that vision, we have been working diligently on some crucial issues that affect all residents. One such issue addresses unaccompanied guest use of TLA amenities and facilities.

The impetus for this change is the perception that unaccompanied guests and vendors are using Landings Harbor as well as other locations and not appropriately treating the amenities. Vendors are prohibited from fishing anywhere in the community. However, the current Rules and Regulations only require that guests be accompanied by a resident while fishing in our lagoons. 

Benchmarking of several communities included both ends of the spectrum as it relates to the use of common property and the need for a sponsoring resident to accompany his or her guests. An industry standard is not discernible regarding this policy or practice. Discussions about expanding the accompanied lagoon fishing requirement led to a more inclusive Rule which would govern all Association amenities.

Current Rule 

The Landings Rules & Regulations, Section B, Subsection 2. currently states: “All owners/residents and guests must comply with the rules and regulations governing the specific amenity.” 

Proposed Rule

“All owners/residents and guests must comply with the rules and regulations governing the specific amenity, and residents are responsible for their guests. All guests other than the sponsoring resident’s immediate

family (parents, siblings, children, and/or grandchildren) must be accompanied by a resident in good standing while using any Association amenity, including Marinas, docks, piers, Athletic Complex, parks, common areas, and buildings.” 

The Security Committee, Governance Committee, and Finance Committee approved the above change to the Rule regarding unaccompanied guests. The next step in the process is to obtain resident input. Please give us your feedback on this change by emailing Security Office Manager Erica Kersey (    

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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