General Manager's Update - 10-29-20

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

Our most sincere thanks and gratitude to the almost 80% of our owners who voted in the recent Annual Dues proposal. It is inspiring and heartening to see such strong interest taken in our community’s future. To those many volunteers who contributed significant time and energy to support the proposal, you have been instrumental in helping shape our community’s future. Special thanks and gratitude to all of you for making a difference.

With the successful vote, we now have the right funding level to maintain our Capital Reserves as recommended by an independent Reserve Specialist. We’ll continue to work with this specialist annually to ensure proper allocations to Reserves in the future.

The successful vote also allows the restoration of some reduced or eliminated service levels, as well as the advancement of some long-sought Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) projects. My message in this month’s Budget Box provides a more expansive review of the plans for executing on Year One (the proposed 2021 budget) of the three-year plan.

Another vote is on the horizon…this one to elect three new Directors to The Landings Association’s Board. You can read about the six candidates who were selected to run by your neighbors on the Nominating Committee, in the 2021-2023 Board Candidates Booklet . Please join me in thanking Patrick Breslin, Andrea Felkins, Gary Montgomery, Steve Thomas, Mark Winters, and Bob Wood for their willingness to lead our community. You will receive your voting packets at the beginning of November, and votes are due by December 3. Please review the background of the candidates, and vote. We want a strong participation in this election as well, as you get to choose your neighbors who help lead us for the next three years. As always, we’ve included a paper ballot, but I encourage you to vote online to reduce processing costs by our independent auditors who oversee our elections.

Finally and importantly, please note the President's message on two proposed updates to The Landings Association's Rules. Currently, there are not many restrictions on unaccompanied guests in our community. The Governance Committee was asked to review this, following reports of unauthorized fishing in various locations. Upon review, a proposed Rule requiring guests to be accompanied by the property owner when using any Association amentities has been drafted. You can read more details in the Security column, and weigh in before final deliberation at the November Board Meeting. There also is a proposed Rule for clarifying the categories of flags that are permitted on your property. Please read this article for details on these two proposed rules and how to share your feedback. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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