Budget Box : Annual Dues – What’s Next?

By Shari Haldeman - sharih@landings.org  
General Manager/COO  

I am extremely grateful, as is the entire Association team, for the community support on our recent Annual Dues vote. Following several years of increasing budget reductions, the team is energized by and appreciative of your support for improving our community infrastructure, amenities, aesthetics, and services. We currently are finalizing the 2021 Budget, and the purpose of this article is to share the plans for executing on the approved Dues proposal. While subject to approval by the Board of Directors in December, the draft 2021 Budget includes an aggressive capital investment strategy, improvements and upgrades to the community Athletic Complex/Park, and restoration of several operational services that had been removed or reduced following the unsuccessful vote in 2018.

The following summarizes the key elements of the 2021 proposed Budget, reflecting year one of the approved three-year plan of work.

Street Resurfacing

During 2021, more than $1M will be spent on resurfacing the entire length of both Delegal and Mercer Roads, as well as Landings Way South from Peregrine Crossing (near Huntingwood Retreat) to Palmetto Club, and Landings Way North from Tidewater to Bartram Road. Bids will be solicited from contractors this December so the project can be submitted for Board review and approval in January for spring construction, contingent upon contractor availability.

Community Path Replacement

A total of $444,000 is proposed in the 2021 Budget to complete all remaining asphalt path conversions within the gates to concrete, with the exception of sections adjacent to the marsh due to DNR restrictions, as well as Moon River since new home construction continues in this section of the community. Moon River is scheduled for 2023.

Storm Drains

Due to the phased nature of the development of the community, different materials were used over time for storm drains, including corrugated metal, concrete, and plastic. The sections of storm drain identified for potential repair are inspected by video-camera and cleared of debris, root intrusions, and natual obstructions as seen in this video that you don't want to miss. Those sections requiring repair are “slip-lined” through a cured-in-place pipe, a trenchless rehabilitation method that produces a jointless, seamless pipe lining within an existing pipe. The proposed budget of $511,500 includes storm drains located in the Romerly Road and Mad Turkey area, Tything Man Lane and Priest Landing area, and the Monastery Road and Marmaduke area.

Other Capital Projects

In addition, work now begins on two capital projects that had to be deferred -- the Athletic Complex and the Landings Harbor dry stacks refurbishment.

The Athletic Field Complex Committee convened after the successful Dues vote to finalize plans for the project, including pricing, contractor availability, and timelines for all project components. You can read complete details on what’s planned for the Athletic Complex, as well as projected costs, by visiting landings.org/athletic-complex. The project scope includes the replacement of the existing 20-year-old playground equipment with new, innovative playground additions (e.g., zipline, inclusive play structures); a 24’x 24’ shade pavilion for small events and protection from the sun; replacement of the parkour trail with a permeable, shock-absorbing safety surfaced walking/jogging track; upgraded lighting; resurfacing of the basketball courts and new hoops; and an addition of a third base line safety netting.

In order to begin construction in early 2021, contracts for this project will be scheduled for Board approval immediately after adoption of the 2021 Budget at the December Board meeting. Thereafter, staff will begin working with all contractors to order the project components for installation. The average current lead time for the main components (playground, pavilion, etc.) is approximately 10 weeks if orders are placed mid-December. Once all items have been ordered, the installation can begin in late February or early March of 2021. Staff and the Athletic Field Complex Committee will continue to work with contractors to move the project forward and will continue to keep the community apprised of its progress.

Proposals and quotes for the Landings Harbor dry stack storage system project are now being solicited from contractors for review and evaluation of the best proposal and cost. When the stacks were first constructed in the 1980s, boats were much smaller. The racks need to be able to support wider and taller boats than they currently can, as well as increase occupancy available, as we currently have 100% occupancy there with a waiting list. This construction work is planned for the winter of 2021 to spring of 2022, to be less disruptive during peak boating season.

Operating Budget Restorations

Finally, restorations to the operating budget include the following:

  • Tree and turf maintenance on the center islands will be increased.
  • The mailbox/sign repainting program frequency will be doubled.
  • The marina live web cams will be restored.
  • The forward-facing GIS maps will be restored, allowing owners to research their own and other properties in our community.

   We will continue updating the community on projects that your Annual Dues help support.

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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