On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Vehicle Accidents

Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to the four-way intersection at Green Island Road and Diamond Causeway for a two-vehicle accident on Friday, October 16. Neither party was  injured, and their vehicles sustained minimal damages. Both individuals were Landings residents.

On Tuesday, October 20, Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to Franklin Creek Road North at the path next to the tunnel for a report of a golf cart accident. Upon arrival, officers saw a golf cart in the brush which appeared to have hit a tree and multiple branches. The driver of the cart was identified as a resident, and he was treated on scene for his injuries. CCPD responded to scene as the driver appeared to be intoxicated. The driver was taken into custody by CCPD, and the golf cart was removed from the scene by the driver’s spouse.


On Sunday, October 18, a resident reported that two traffic cones were stolen from a work site on Deer Run where a tree was being removed. One cone was located and appeared to have been dragged along the street. The resident stated that he believed the cones were taken by unlicensed teenagers in a golf cart. Security patrolled the surrounding areas but did not locate the second cone. Extra patrols are being performed in the area.

Security and CCPD responded to Cotesby Lane for a report of theft on Monday, October 20. The resident advised that she believed someone had stolen her company checkbook from the dining room. She had last seen the missing checkbook the previous day. The resident advised that the front door usually is unlocked. She stated there were a couple individuals who she believed may be responsible but did not want to give names without proof. The bank already had been notified, and the resident was advised to secure her home. If the checkbook is found or anyone attempts to use it, she stated that she would notify both Security and CCPD.

Suspicious Incidents

Security responded to the Moon River area on Sunday, October 18 for a report of suspicious vehicle. Officers located the vehicle parked off Waterway Drive between Dream Maker Circle and Strawberry Lane and noticed an unknown male laying down in the back of the vehicle with the door open. The man was identified as a newspaper delivery driver who stated that he had pulled over because he was tired and did not think he could drive in his condition. After explaining that he could not pull over and sleep on Landings property, the man was escorted off property.

Security responded to Chatuachee Crossing for a report of a suspicious vehicle on Wednesday, October 21. The complainant advised that the vehicle had an out-of-state license plate and had been parked in front of her home since the previous day. Security requested that CCPD run the license plate information and learned that the vehicle was a rental. Upon canvasing the area, the driver of the vehicle was identified as a guest of another resident. Security requested that he move the vehicle to the sponsoring resident’s driveway. Officers followed-up with the complainant to advise her of outcome.

On Wednesday, October 21, Security responded to a residence on Westcross Road for a report of a damaged light fixture. The complainants initially reported the incident as vandalism; however, upon further review, they believed the light may have fallen over on its own due to work performed the previous day. The complainants advised they would follow up with the electrician who performed the work and let Security know the results. In the meantime, extra patrols will be performed in the area.

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