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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion

As part of the department’s operational program, facilities staff completed preventive maintenance around the Delegal Marina Sunset Room on Wednesday. Thereafter, in-house crews began working on the fixed pier to complete board replacements (40), sand trip hazards, screw down loose boards and repair railings. After these maintenance items have been completed, the fixed pier will be cleaned, and a sealant will be applied thereafter to help preserve the wood.

Grass Carp Stocking in Lagoons

Grass Carp were stocked in four irrigation lagoons (freshwater lagoons) this week. The grass carp serve as an excellent tool for natural aquatic weed control and help reduce the amount of herbicide applications that are required in our freshwater lagoons. This annual stocking is funded through our operational budget.

Community Path Repairs

This week, Absolute Concrete completed community path panel repairs along Landings Way South at Pelham Road and Sweetgum Crossing. 

Road Repair and Maintenance

Bennett Paving completed road repairs along Landings Way South and Shagbark Lane. The road work included the repair of root intrusions and the improvement of ride altering bumps/potholes.

2020 Road Striping Program

CPCS Concrete Products completed this year’s road striping program in Marshwood and a portion of Deer Creek on Friday. Next year’s project will include the remainder of the stop bars and crosswalks in Deer Creek and a section of Oakridge. As a reminder, this program is funded operationally. 

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