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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Operational Repairs to Community Paths and Roadways

Association Public Works staff, along with our contractors, Absolute Concrete and Bennett Paving, began repairing a storm drain inlet, curbing, and road surface at the corner of Bartram Road and Stone Hewer Lane on Monday.  The work is anticipated to be completed by the end of today.

Additionally, Absolute Concrete continued with the repair of community path concrete panels on the south end of the island along Landings Way South, Mainsail Crossing and the Delegal Bridge community path. A total of 60 linear feet of community path was replaced.

Stop Bar and Pedestrian Crossings Restriping Program

Concrete Products completed the stop bar and pedestrian crosswalk road striping in the Marshwood area of the community this week and has begun working in the Deer Creek section of the community. Staff will be auditing the roadways in Marshwood and develop a punch list for the contractor to address.

Tidewater Square Brick Repairs

On Monday, in-house crews completed the repair to a section of brick at the exit lane of Tidewater Square. The bricks in this section had sunk forming a pothole which was impacting the drivability in this area. Over the next month, staff will continue to repair sections in the square that require maintenance. 

Deer Creek Access Control Facility Gate Equipment Replacement

Carolina Time and Parking Group were back on-site Wednesday and Thursday to begin installation of the slide gates and motors. The installation of the slide gates and motors will conclude the installation of the new equipment associated with the Deer Creek Access Control Facility. After the completion of all equipment, staff and the contractor will complete a walk-through of both the Moon River and Deer Creek Access Control Facilities. The punch list meeting is scheduled for next week.

Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion

As part of our annual maintenance program, facilities staff began the preventive maintenance around the Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion this week which will include pressure washing the building and sidewalks, cleaning the gutters and roof, along with paint touch-ups around the exterior of the building.

RY Yard Maintenance

In-house crews have been working in and around the three RV Storage Yards over the past two weeks completing annual maintenance. This maintenance includes repairing and or replacing the space identifier number plaques, fence repairs which includes the gates and re-grading the driving surface.

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