Landings Military Family Relief Fund Talks Gratitude 2020 

By Lou Molella 
Courtesy of LMFRF 

Remembering September 11 2001 

Our country will forever remember the horrors of the worst attack ever made on our homeland. Radical Islamic terrorists forever changed our way of life. Our Military has been, and continues to be, deployed to defend against continued threats. 

The Landings community has been engaged in loving support of our Coastal Military for the last 13 years. Young men and women, special in their willingness, continue to volunteer, train, and deploy in a COVID-19 environment. They stand ready to defend this nation. As a community, you have been a part of this effort by your support of our Landings Fund. 

Some examples of the activities the Fund is involved in include the following. 

At Georgia Southern University, the Fund supports Active Duty Military Spouses in supplementing their Military benefits with outright grants, enabling them to continue their degree aspirations when their military program benefits are exhausted. To date, we have provided a total of 27 grants. The Fund also supports the same program at Savannah Technical College. We recently received feedback from our Savannah Tech coordinator who said, “I would like to highlight one of our students who is getting ready to complete her degree in our Dental Hygiene program. She has maintained a 3.70 GPA in a highly competitive program and is setting a great example for other Military spouses. She will be a real asset to the local work force. We currently have nine students utilizing the Landings Fund grants. Thank you, Landings Community!” 

Another example of the Fund’s activity is in support of the Behavioral Health Clinic at Fort Stewart. The following is a comment from Major Peter Bell PHD, Director of Psychological Health, Winn Army Hospital. 

“We are very grateful for the funding The Landings Fund has provided, enabling us to improve our clinical training curriculum. On behalf of the department, our staff, and the soldiers and their families we support, Thank you!” 

As a part of the Soldier Recovery Program at Fort Stewart, the Fund provided gardening supplies for the Soldiers to use as they progress through this important program. I asked Col Ed Ziembinski, Commander of the Soldier Recovery Unit, if his people were enjoying the gardening boxes and tools we provided. He sent the following reply. 

“Lou, oh yes. The Soldiers have been hard at work with their gardens. I was stopped in front of the barracks yesterday because they wanted to show me their tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. They were quite proud of their work! Ms. Myers will be emailing you slides today with a more in-depth report on how things are going. By the way, Ms. Myers was just recognized by Regional Health Command Atlantic as the best Occupational Therapist for FY20. Your Fund’s support to her and to our Soldiers certainly got noticed at the highest levels!” 

In this report, I attempted to share the wider scope of the activities your Fund is involved with as we provide assistance to Military members and their families. However, please don’t forget our mission. Our primary mission has been, and continues to be, to offer rapid financial assistance to military families experiencing unforeseen difficulties. In all cases, their command is involved in the authorization of our help. 

 I also shout out to Holly Taylor, her team, and the Landings Women’s Golf Association (LWGA) for their continuing support of the LMFRF. I am so proud of each and every participant, for their love and support of our colors. You are a very big part of the reason this community is so respected by our Military. 

October is the start of our 2021 Fund drive. You soon will receive a flyer in your tube with donation information. 

As we kick off this 14th year of support, please join us in this special Landings community effort to show our love and appreciation to the men and women who are our protection! 

How can you help? 

Donations given are used to help the Military and their families. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Make checks payable to SCF LMFRF. Please be certain to include your address on your check. Send checks to the address below: 

Savannah Community Foundation 
2225 Norwood Avenue, Suite B 
Savannah, Ga. 31406 

Join our Donor Team and be Landings Proud! You can follow the Fund on Facebook “The Landings Military Family Relief Fund”. 

On behalf of our new Chair Bob Longueira and the LMFRF Board of Directors, thank you. 

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