On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Korn Ferry Tournament / Savannah Golf Championship

The Deer Creek Village Gate was staffed 72 hours this week, and the Security Director and Office Manager dedicated 40 hours assisting The Landings Club with this event. Parking issues, COVID-19 concerns, and other resident concerns were shared with Club management and Korn Ferry staff.


On Monday, September 28, at approximately 5:40 p.m., Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to the corner of Westcross Road and Log Landing Road near the 17th hole of Oakridge for a possible fire. Upon arrival, Landings Club employees pointed out a large Georgia Power electrical box that was smoking. Georgia Power was notified. Although there were no signs of flames, the box continued to smoke. An area of Oakridge lost power shortly after, and the box eventually stopped smoking. Georgia Power arrived on scene at approximately 6:45 p.m., and power was restored around 9 p.m. The cause of the issue is unknown.

Vehicle vs. Deer Accident

Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to McWhorter Road for a vehicle versus deer accident on Wednesday, September 23. The vehicle owner stated that he was on his way to Deer Creek when the deer suddenly came out of the woods into the road. The driver struck the deer, and it died on impact. Brightview was contacted and removed the deer.


On Saturday, September 26, Security responded to a residence on Sundew Road for a report of vandalism. The resident advised that approximately nine ceramic garden gnomes had been removed from her yard and smashed on the community path near her home. She informed officers that she had left her home around noon and found the vandalism when she returned around 2 p.m. The garden gnomes are valued at approximately $100. The resident did not wish to make a report with CCPD, no suspects were identified, and no other similar incidents were reported.

Suspicious Incidents

Security responded to Delegal Marina on Friday, September 25, for a report of a damaged vehicle. The vehicle owner works on Wassau Island and leaves his vehicle parked at Delegal during the week. Upon returning to his vehicle, he found the door handle on the passenger side was broken off, and the contents of the vehicle were in disarray. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle. The responding officer advised the vehicle owner to consider moving the vehicle more often to deter further incidents. Additionally, extra patrols will be performed in the area at night, and CCPD was advised of the incident.

On Friday, September 25, Security received several reports in the Marshwood area near Sparrow Field about someone pounding on front doors and running away. Officers patrolled the area and located a vehicle parked in the area and saw two juvenile males running into the woods. The owner of the vehicle was identified as a guest of a resident. Contact was made with the resident who confirmed the vehicle belonged to a friend of his son, and the two were hanging out. The resident located the boys playing basketball at a nearby church. Security spoke with both individuals who advised they had been hanging out with several friends earlier but did not know the individuals who ran into the woods. Both also claimed they were not involved with the door incidents. Security explained that the vehicle could not be left on common property, and both juveniles apologized and removed it from the area.

Security responded to Camberwell Place on Sunday, September 27, for a report of what appeared to be juveniles knocking on the door and running away. Patrol officers checked the surrounding area with negative results. No further incidents were reported.


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