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Landings Harbor Fixed Pier

On Tuesday, in-house staff began resealing the Landings Harbor Fixed Pier. Barring any delays, the fixed pier is anticipated to be resealed by Friday as part of the department’s annual maintenance program.

Deer Creek Gate Equipment Replacement

Carolina Time and Parking Group continued with the replacement of the gate equipment at the Deer Creek Village Gate this week. The contractor is migrating the old equipment to the new equipment while keeping this gate fully operational during the replacement project. Carolina Time informed staff that there is an additional delay in installing the new slide gates due to an outbreak of COVID-19 at the gate manufacturer’s facility. Barring any additional delays, the sliding gates is anticipated to be shipped the first week of October. Thereafter, Carolina Time will install them at the gatehouse. 

Deer Creek Village Lagoon Fencing

Staff completed several maintenance items associated with the fencing along the lagoon bank near the Deer Creek Village Gate. The maintenance included repairing, replacing, and repainting the perimeter fence rails along the lagoon.

Community Path Repair and Maintenance

This week, Absolute Concrete completed repairs on the following community paths: Tidewater Way at Brandenberry Road, the section of path at the Moon River entrance and the path near Joshua’s Retreat. Absolute Concrete will work to repair/replace the remainder of the community path panel repairs next week.

Stop Bar and Pedestrian Crossings Restriping Program

The stop bar project continued this week along Bartram Road and its side streets. The contractor was scheduled to move into Deer Creek once the Marshwood stop bars/crosswalks have been completed; however, they will complete these after The Landings Club Korn Ferry Golf Tournament and events have concluded.  

Tidewater Square Repairs

On Monday, in-house crews repaired a section of brick at the entrance of Tidewater Square. The bricks in this section began lifting which was impacting the drivability in this area. Over the next month, staff will continue to repair sections in the square that require maintenance.  

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