Korn Ferry Update 

The following message is courtesy of The Landings Club and recently was sent to Landings Club Members.

Dear Landings Club Member-Owners,

We are three weeks from the beginning of the Korn Ferry Tour Savannah Golf Championship. While the caliber and intensity of competition will be higher than ever, COVID-19 warrants changes to how we execute the tournament, and this communication provides information regarding those changes. As we approach the start of the tournament, Tournament Director Cheyenne Overby and our Club will provide weekly communication to provide updated information.

After review of our tournament plan with the PGA TOUR and local health officials, we received approval to welcome Landings Club members and small sponsor groups to the tournament. To ensure we are able to estimate the number of those planning to attend, our Club members are asked to follow the link below to request admissions for the day or days you intend to come out to watch play. You will not be required to pick up tickets before you come to tournament admissions—the admissions volunteers will check off your name for the day you are there and provide you with a wristband. This will allow us to prepare and ensure we are abiding by the strict protocols in place to support the safety of members, staff, and competitors. The link and other relevant information follow below.

Click here to schedule your visit.

Personal Golf Carts
We strongly encourage members to travel to Deer Creek using their private golf cart. Keep in mind that personal carts are not permitted on the golf course. Please be mindful where you park your cart, so that when you are leaving or arriving at a hole, you’re not immediately surrounded by other people’s carts. Country Financial Cart Corrals are located at #2 Tee, #5 Green, #14 Tee, and #10 Tee.

There will be three specialty restaurants on the course all operated by The Landings Club food and beverage team: Tacos on #10, Off the Grill at Hole #5 (serving hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.), and The Woodshed at #18 (southern barbecue). Lines leading up to concessions will have markings on the ground to support proper distancing. Cash will not be exchanged at our concessions. Members will be able to charge food and beverage to their Club accounts.

Safety Protocol Measures

  • Thermal Testing: Thermal screening is mandatory for everyone on the tournament grounds. This is the established protocol of the PGA TOUR and will be administered by S2 Global Screening Solutions. This will include a daily health questionnaire and daily thermal screening. If an individual presents an elevated temperature (over 100.4) during a daily thermal screen, a protocol for further screening will be implemented. Should an individual continue to register an elevated temperature, they will not be permitted to enter tournament grounds. There will be four (4) thermal screening locations on property: golf maintenance, admissions (near #18 Green), Schooner Cove (#5), and a drive-through location on Deer Creek Drive. If you arrive via golf cart, you will go through the drive-thru thermal screening location on Deer Creek Drive before parking.
  • Social Distancing: The PGA TOUR will be enforcing social distancing throughout the course and our members are asked to maintain space between non-cohabitating individuals or groups of individuals. There will be signage on the golf course as a reminder for everyone, and you can expect PGA TOUR staff, members of The Landing Club’s management team, Chatham County Police Department, or Inland Security Services to politely remind you to socially distance, if necessary. We are not intervening to affect your experience, but rather to abide by established protocols and maintain the highest safety standards possible.
  • Masks: Masks are strongly encouraged but are not mandatory outdoors. If you do not have a mask, we will have complimentary masks at admissions.
  • Enmarket Sanitization Stations: There will be sanitization stations available adjacent to #18 green, #10 green, and #5 green. At these stations, Enmarket will provide hand wipes, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizing solution for member use. In addition, there will be sanitizer dispensers in place throughout the golf course. All portable restrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the course of the day by our on-site provider.
  • Public Viewing: If you are viewing competition at #18 or #5, you will find marked areas in the form of a grid around the green and along the fairway. Each area will have maximum capacity of eight people. These areas are intended to allow families, friends who may be in the same COVID-19 bubble, and other small groups to enjoy each other’s company without infringing on other guests. We want members and their designated guests to enjoy the festive environment but have implemented the markings to spread our members out more compared to previous years. Please note, these areas are first-come, first-serve and there is no exception to maximum capacity. This is a standard set by the PGA TOUR, and we are obligated to comply. If a designated area is being used by two people who are not with another group, that area is deemed full. The spaces aren’t there to encourage mingling among different groups; they are there to accommodate the outlined scenarios above—one area may have one couple, another space might have a few couples, and another space might have a large family. They will not all have eight people—that is not the intent of the marked grid system. Members are welcome to bring their own chairs, if they prefer, but please be sure to review the full list of prohibited items as chair covers aren’t permitted. Click here to view the list of prohibited items. Please note, due to COVID-19, players will not be signing autographs at any point before, during, or after their round. We appreciate your help communicating this information to guests as we do not want to unintentionally create a negative experience for someone who might ask for an autograph forcing the player to decline.

We appreciate your support of these standards—standards put in place to keep our tournament and supporters safe. To date, the PGA TOUR, PGA Champions and the Korn Ferry Tour have had impressive success protecting host site sponsors, members, volunteers, and their roving bubble of players, caddies, and TOUR staff. The TOUR’s protocols have been referred to as the gold standard for protective measures for professional sporting events. Our commitment to you and our partners at the TOUR is to continue that success for the well-being of all constituents and stakeholders. Again, please let us know if and when you plan to attend, and we look forward to seeing you on the grounds of our Deer Creek course!

With gratitude,
Steven Freund, Executive Director & Cheyenne Overby, Tournament Director


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