It’s Rail A.K.A. “Marsh Hen” Hunting Season in Georgia

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager
If you hear gunshots that appear to be coming from the marsh, it could be the sounds of a rail hunter taking part in the season. Fall marks rail or “marsh hen” hunting season in Georgia. There are four groups of “marsh hens” that frequent this area -- king, clapper, sora, and Virginia. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ website, there is a limit of 15 per day and 45 in possession for king and clapper, and 25/45 for sora and Virginia. King and clapper are the most popular in our area. As most veteran rail hunters will tell you, tidal flooding of the marshes is a must for optimum hen-hunting conditions. As happens each year, the monthly spring tide cycles provide the best days for hunting. Based on tides levels for the Savannah River entrance, the highest for September through December this fall will be during the new moon periods. Hunting season in Georgia was split this year, with the first half running from September 17 to October 21 and the second half from November 12 to December 17. Please be safe if you decide to hunt and be certain to abide by the rules. Click here to learn more about Migratory Bird Seasons in Georgia. Click here to learn more about Big Game Season, including dates and limits, and here to learn about Small Game Season. To view all Georgia hunting seasons and regulations, click here. To read a more detailed article about rail hunting that was published in Savannah Morning News click here.

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