Skidaway Hamiltons Virtual Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccine Testing

Courtesy of Skidaway Hamiltons
The Skidaway Hamiltons, Inc. is pleased to announce that Willow Chanthavong of Meridian Clinical Research (Savannah) will present a Zoom meeting on September 30 at 4 p.m. on the timely subject of vaccines. Currently involved in Phase 3 COVID-19 trials for Moderna and Phase 2 COVID-19 trials for Pfizer and Novavax, Chanthavong will address the history of vaccinations, including seminal events that have generated distrust. She’ll explain how trials are conducted and the issues that shape their success. Chanthavong is Director of Clinical Operations for the Neurology Division of Meridian and research coordinator for vaccination programs. She is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious PharmaTimes Clinical Research Coordinator of the Year Award (The Americas). During the past five years, she has worked on 15 different vaccine trials. The Skidaway Hamiltons is a nonpartisan progressive men’s organization. This meeting is open to all members and the Skidaway Abigails. For more information, including membership (currently membership cost is $20), upcoming events, news, alerts, and user-friendly resources, visit the Skidaway Hamiltons’ website (

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