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New Environmental Manager Joins the Public Works Team

We welcomed Dillon Till (pictured at right) this week to fill the vacant Environmental Manager position. His role includes common property management (including the Brightview Landscapes contract), lagoon and stormwater management, wildlife management (our USDA contract) and state and federal permitting. Dylan is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in Geology. He brings experience with GEI Consultants as an ecological technician performing construction quality assurance, environmental sampling, and geotechnical testing on landfill closures. He previously worked as an environmental compliance specialist in the Underground Storage Tank Regulatory Compliance Unit with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and at Environmental 360 as a project manager for pulp and paper clients in Florida and Georgia. Dylan handled projects ranging from: SPCC Monthly Inspections, Updates, Tagging, LDAR Inspections, Certifications, Sampling Projects (water, condensate, bark, etc.), and Natural Resource projects.

Dylan lives in Midway, GA and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three dogs. We are pleased to have Dylan on our Public Works Team!

Deer Creek Gate Equipment Replacement

On Wednesday, Carolina Time and Parking Group, began the replacement of the gate equipment at the Deer Creek Village Gate. Barring any weather delays, the contractor should complete the work by Tuesday, September 15.

Small Dog Park Improvements

Over the last several weeks, staff and the Dog Park Committee, several dog park patrons and BrightView Landscapes, have been working together to develop a plan to address ground cover deterioration associated with increased use at the small Dog Park.  Staff intends to install a storyboard in the chute of the park to provide an explanation of the proposed improvements to the small dog park. The proposed improvements include the installation of crushed granite around the benches along with the installation of a wood fiber product throughout the remainder of the park (play surface).  Fundraising options have been discussed with the committee for the improvements. In the interim, the committee has chosen to close the small dog park and staff will layout a temporary park adjacent to the chute area by the end of this week.

Road Repair and Maintenance

Bennett Paving is performing road repairs and maintenance on the following roads this week: Sweet William Retreat, Willeford Drive, Yam Gandy Road, Mainsail Crossing, Bowline Court, and Hobcaw Lane. The road repairs and maintenance items include the repair of potholes and root intrusions. 

Community Path Repair and Maintenance

This week, Absolute Concrete is performing community path repairs on the following paths: Priest Landing Drive at Marsh Tower Lane, Yam Gandy Road and Landings Way South at Pelham Road. A total of 47 damaged concrete panels will be replaced as part of this operational program. The contractor is also repairing the curbing along Landings Way South at Shagbark Lane to address a water ponding issue along the roadway that was caused by root intrusion.

The Public Works Building Generator

Last month during a power outage, the Public Works Building generator caught fire which ultimately destroyed the alternator wiring harnesses and internal components. On Tuesday, our service provider, Energy Systems Southeasts (ESSE) determined that the unit is not repairable as the parts for unit are no longer available. Throughout this process, staff contacted and have submitted all necessary paperwork over to our insurance company and are awaiting their decision on how best to move forward. 

Stop Bar and Pedestrian Crossings Restriping Program

Concrete Products continued with the stop bar and pedestrian crosswalk road striping in the Marshwood area of the community on Bartram Road and Landings Way North. The rain has caused some delays in the progression of this project; however, the contractor continued to work through the project scope in between the rain this week.  


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