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Stop Bar and Pedestrian Crossings Restriping Program

This week, Concrete Products continued with the stop bar and pedestrian crosswalk road striping in the Marshwood area of the community on Landings Way North and Priest Landing Drive. Next week, the contractor will progress to Bartram Road and its side streets. To date, the contractor has restriped 68 stop bars.







Inhouse Road Work and Maintenance

Inhouse crews backfilled along the road edges on Tidewater Way in Midpoint where areas had eroded over time causing drop-offs. Additionally, staff completed the prep work for pothole repairs on Pettigrew Drive, Hazel Glen Lane, Delegal Road and Yam Gandy Road.

Vandalism Repair/Maintenance

Vandalism continued in the form of graffiti on the community path tunnel that connects Franklin Creek to Landings Way South. In-house staff pressure washed the area to remove the graffiti. 

Delegal Fixed Pier Maintenance

Staff replaced 50 boards on the Delegal Fixed Pier this week. Every month, in-house staff dedicates approximately one week to replace boards, sand trip hazards, screw down loose boards and repair railings at this amenity.

Moon River Access Control Facility Gate Equipment Replacements

On Monday, Carolina Time and Parking Group completed the installation of the gate equipment located at the Moon River Access Control Facility. The vendor was scheduled to begin the removal and replacement of the Deer Creek Village gate equipment on Tuesday, September 1; however, staff postponed this work until after the upcoming holiday weekend to prevent any disruptions over the holiday. Carolina Time will begin the gate replacement at the Deer Creek Village access on Tuesday, September 8.

Uniti Fiber Installation

On Wednesday, Uniti Fiber began the completion of the fiber installation along the community path at the Main Gate. Public Works staff requested that Uniti Fiber complete this work between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to avoid continued disruption in and around the Main Gate. The work was completed on Thursday evening. Uniti Fiber also will be responsible for the turf and plant damage in the project area. BrightView will begin the sod and plant replacement next week and directly bill Uniti for the cost.

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