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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Hydroseeding along Rights-of-Way

This week, GTI of the Lowcountry hydroseeded some of the rights-of-way and along the newly constructed paths in the Deer Creek and Oakridge phases of the community.  Since the operational budget for this service was cut last year, staff used our landscape contract enhancement credit. 

Vandalism Continues in the Community

On Sunday, Security notified Public Works staff about additional vandalism that occurred over the weekend. The following signs were damaged and required repair: a 30 MPH sign and street signs on Westcross Road, Buckhead Lane, Wishmoore Retreat, Marsh Bird Lane, Franklin Creek Road South, Franklin Wood, and Riding Lane. These damaged signs were added to the open police report from the first half of August and staff will continue to make the necessary repairs and replacements to the vandalized signs until completion. Vandalism to 21 signs during the first two weeks of the month cost $3,622 in repairs and replacements.

Solar Disk Light for Flagpole

During the inspection of the lighting in and around the Main Gate, staff decided to replace the current flagpole lighting with a new solar disk light at a cost of $116. Replacing the electric lighting with a solar option will reduce our consumption of electricity at the Main Gate with a sustainable option.

Landings Harbor Maintenance

In-house staff conducted several repairs to the Landings Harbor Store and around the grounds this week. The work included the replacement of lattice, railings, and pickets around the store. Staff also replaced the damaged fence railing along the walkway and painted areas that required touch up around the facility. 

Moon River Access Control Facility Gate Equipment Replacements

On Thursday, Carolina Time and Parking Group completed the installation of the gate equipment located at the Moon River Access Control Facility. Carolina Time is scheduled to begin the removal and replacement of the Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility gate equipment on Monday, August 31. As a reminder, please proceed with caution in and around the facility and be cognizant of the contractors working in this area. 

Community Path Addition

Absolute Concrete completed a redesign of the community path transition (from the road onto the path) located at the intersection of Bartram Road and Landings Way North. This improvement provides a safer transition for walkers and bicyclists.

Stop Bar Restriping

Concrete Products began repainting the stop bars and pedestrian crosswalks in Marshwood this week. The purpose of the stop bar/line pavement reflective striping operational program is to ensure the safety of community members and guests by distinguishing the point in which vehicular and pedestrian traffic must stop before entering into an intersection. This program is completed annually and is funded through the department’s operational budget. 





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