Coyote Sightings on Skidaway Island

By Sean Burgess -
Public Works Director

Coyotes resemble a small dog or fox and are known for how well they adapt and thrive in various habitats wherever water, food, and shelter can be found. For decades, coyotes have inhabited Wassaw, Ossabaw, and Green Island, so it comes as no surprise that coyotes have traveled through Skidaway Island.

Over the last two years, the Public Works Department has received visual confirmation (via trail cameras) of coyote sightings in various community areas. Most recently, residents also have captured sightings on their trail cameras and security systems.

Since the coyote sightings in 2018, Jonathan Smith, our ¾ time U.S. Department of Agriculture (APHIS) Wildlife Biologist, has been frequenting these areas to remove the coyotes. The management plan to cull the coyote population includes culling with thermal scopes and trapping methods. Additionally, our depredation permit (which is required to cull certain wildlife such as deer, wild hogs, and migratory birds) was modified to allow for the removal of coyotes.

Several property owners have called and shared concerns regarding walking dogs without leashes. It is important that all property owners continue to keep their animals on leashes (per Chatham County Animal Control Ordinance §22-103 Animals Not to Run at Large or be Kept in a Public Place; Prohibit Use of Invisible Fences) and refrain from leaving their animals outside overnight.

If you have a specific concern related to wildlife (deer, feral hogs, coyotes, or migratory birds), please report the issue by calling the Public Works Office (598-5509) or via SeeClickFix on TLA’s website ( You also can use your TLA app to submit a SeeClickFix request.

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