A Closer Look at the Zipline and Pavilion Feature of the Proposed Athletic Field Upgrades 

The ZipKrooz (Zipline) is one of the proposed new elements of the Athletic Field project. It is not the full-scale, above the trees ziplining experience you may be thinking of, but more kid-sized -- think monkey bars that afford you the ability to glide. 

This exciting new feature offers a unique addition to the playground in a safe way. Not only is it a long-lasting, ultra-smooth ride for kids, ages five-to-12, but it likely will be the main attraction of the playground and have the adults wishing they could join in the fun! The ZipKrooz is a two-way ride, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to start. It is also designed with a unique track trolley system and comfortable seat, engineered for exceptional quality, comfort, and safety. Click here for more information. 

The Athletic Field project design also includes the addition of a pavilion. Other than a few benches and picnic tables, the complex does not have adequate seating and shade for its users. The 24’ pavilion proposed as part of this project will provide an additional gathering space for birthday parties, small gatherings, and a much-needed shaded area for parents during soccer practices and general playground use. 

Below are some photos of conceptual design ideas for the proposed pavilion. It is important to note that the pavilion installed as part of this project will not include all of bells and whistles shown on these conceptual photos. 









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