On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Golf Cart Incident

On Friday, July 24, Security, Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to the Marshwood Club area for a golf cart accident with possible injuries. Upon arrival, officers found a golf cart which had wrecked into the bridge behind the Marshwood Club. The driver and two occupants appeared to have been drinking. They were treated on scene for injuries but refused transport or further medical attention. The driver was detained by Chatham County Police Department (CCPD).

Suspicious Incidents

Security responded to the area of Lillibridge Crossing for a report of possible gunshots on Wednesday, July 22. The responding officer spoke with several residents who stated they heard what sounded like two gunshots about 20 seconds apart. The area was patrolled with negative results, and no furthers reports were made.

On Saturday, July 25, Security received a report of a suspicious vehicle in Midpoint. The complainant advised that the vehicle’s passenger appeared to be holding a gun out of the window but was unsure if it was real or fake. Security patrols searched the area for a vehicle matching the description provided, with negative results. No additional reports were made.

Security and CCPD responded to Shaftsbury Lane for a suspicious incident on Sunday, July 26. Upon arrival, officers were met by a group of residents who were concerned about a possible Peeping Tom in the area. One of the residents found handprints on rear windows of her home. Officers inspected the area behind the homes and found a trail which appeared to be new and walked several times by a person. The trail connects to the Marshwood course. Extra patrols are being performed in the area, and Landings Club Loss Prevention Officers were advised.

Boat Incident

On Tuesday, July 21, Landings Security responded to Landings Harbor for a report of a possible boat theft. Upon arrival, a resident informed the officer that his boat was missing from his wet slip. The resident stated that he believed the person who takes care of his boat may have taken it; however, he did not have permission to take his boat at the time. The resident did not wish to press charges with CCPD. He received notice that his boat had been located near the Wilmington Island Yacht Club and was involved in an accident. A third party transported the boat’s owner to his boat, which was successfully retrieved. TLA staff offered assistance to DNR Officers investigating the incident and issued a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) for the person involved.

Road Rage Incidents

Security responded to Delegal Road for a report of a road rage incident on Wednesday, July 22. A resident explained that she was exiting off Truman Parkway and noticed another vehicle attempting to get over in front of her. She stated that the vehicle appeared to be travelling at a high rate of speed and driving aggressively. At a red light, she noticed the vehicle was next to her, and the driver had rolled down her window and was glaring at her. After entering the Main Gate, the resident noted that the other vehicle appeared to be following her. When officers arrived on scene, both vehicles were stopped, and the other driver was seen speaking with the complainant. The other driver was identified as a juvenile resident. The complainant did not wish to involve CCPD and requested that the driver’s parents be notified of the incident. Security was able to make contact with the parents to inform them of the incident. Residents are encouraged to report road rage incidents directly to CCPD.

On Friday, July 24, a resident contacted Security to report a road rage incident. The resident advised that her mother had left after visiting her and proceeded to do a U-turn from Landings Way South at Yam Gandy Road. At the time, she noticed a vehicle which appeared to be travelling at a high rate of speed on Yam Gandy Road approaching the intersection. Her mother continued driving, when she suddenly noticed the vehicle following her closely and honking the horn. At one point, her mother braked, which caused the other vehicle to swerve off the road. The other driver then used the golf cart lane to pass her and stopped in the middle of the roadway. The driver of the vehicle allegedly began yelling and cursing at the resident’s mother, and another resident passing by on a golf cart intervened to deescalate the situation. Upon Security’s attempt to speak with the driver in question, he stated, “This is a police matter,” and refused to cooperate. CCPD was notified of the incident and spoke with the driver of the vehicle as well as the bystander who intervened.

Neighbor Dispute

Security responded to Landings Way North for a report of a verbal altercation between two residents. The resident who called stated that he had been playing his guitar in his open garage when an older gentleman approached the garage entrance and began yelling and cursing at him. He also advised that the man threatened him if he did not turn down the noise. Since the man already had left prior to Security being notified, the resident showed officers where he believed the man lived. Officers made contact with a couple of individuals in the area in an attempt to locate the older gentleman; however, the officers were not successful in locating him. No further incidents were reported.


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